We all answer questions everyday. We answer with our actions, our words and our behaviour. But, do w... weiterlesen

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About Cathy...

"The best kind of laughther is when you start laughing for no reason and can't stop. In that mo... weiterlesen

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My little heroes...

You're my basicsWhenever  I tried to ran awayYou were there.You're the best thingLife ever gave... weiterlesen

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"Music is the love of my life. It's atotal escape from reality. Music transports you to another... weiterlesen

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A summer to remember.

Now that it's overI just want to thank youFor given me a summer to remember.A summer inside of my he... weiterlesen

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I just can't have it.

"And I know that you can't hear me But I think about you everyday And I have the shortest memor... weiterlesen

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Can't help myself I got to be Where the lights are shinning down on me I wanna feel the sun So tu... weiterlesen

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