I was really shocked when it read it or when I saw these pictures. I hadn't expected something like this. I thought this fuckin' realtionship is one which lasts 2 months, but well it isn't. Weird. Really.Weird. It's really crazy, ain't it ? Back in december, I thought I would be the one. But, well I'm not. Otherwise I wouldn't have this blog and write so damn weird things like this. But, I won't complain. My life is brilliant or don't you love pressure?

School is weird but it's getting better.

Love...well what should I say? I love my pet. That's enough.

I have to learn physic now, becuase the test tomorrow should better be good.

P.S. I have a good phase with my voice. Even if I'm getting a cold [i think so]. I love acoustic versions. Guitar & piano. Wanna play !

To notice :  a keyboard to easterparty.

10.3.10 10:21


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