Today was a really beautiful day. After a long, long [really long!] period of snow and clouds and this depression weather, the sun shined today. The whole day ! It was so beautiful. I felt so good. Just because the sun shined. Isn't this weird?

Well, the last days were so hard for me. I was stuck. So stuck. Nothing could be harder. I was broken down [and actually wrote 2 songs about it^^]. No but it wasn't funny, at all. Every evening I had an argument with my parents & I really hate it. Every night I cried, and cried. Suddenly nothing was going right for me. But today...

The sun is shining. There is no better gift than the sun at this moment. I want the summer. I want to swim. I want to lie in the grass and smell the flowers. I want to go to Canada. In the holidays.I want long evenings, which I could spend outside with my parents in our garden. I want freedom. I want healing. I want love. I want summer. And today we made the first step to this goal.

Yeah it's still not so good as I want it to be. My knee hurts. So much. Actually both of them hurt. I can barely walk. I know that I can forget vaulting. And I don't know if I'm ever able to do my passion again. That stil makes me sad. So damn sad. But at least I know that I can drive with them to training camp in the easter holidays. One thing I look forward to.

Tomorrow I have to do my speech in German. About the da vinci code. It is something which I think is so interesting ! I love it. And I worked hard for it. I hope I will get a good mark.

I love the sun. I love the summer. Please summer, come to us. Please let you be unforgettable.

18.3.10 18:38


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Lexi / Website (18.3.10 18:52)
Hey there
Yeh, sunshines GREAT. I was like smiling all day
You do vaulting?
I used to do it for like an ETERNITY but it somehow got boring...
Where u doing it?

& Doof luck for your german talk 2mrw, hope u dont forget your notes


(31.3.10 16:52)
Thank you for wishing me luck
It was good. I got an A.
I live in Germany so I do it in Germany, near Berlin. It's my passion.


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