Somewhere over the rainbow.

It's now tomorrow. The tomorrow I've waited for. I'm sitting here with my wet heair because I've just washed it and my packed suitcase is next to me because I will go to Dublin tomorrow. I don't know if I look forward to it, but I know, just like every voyage I've made so far, this trip will help me to clear up my mind. I have alot of things to think about, so much...

I will have a boyfriend soon. Yeah that is so crazy. In a good way? Probably. It's supposed to be in a good way, and yes I know that it will be a good thing. He likes me and I really like him. Not like the Prince or the one after him, but it's complicated because I'm not used to so much attention. But I'm sure about one thing : The friendships that take work can be the ones that are the most rewarding. Romantic realtionships also take work. That I'm sure of. And they, too, change and grow.


A part of my life is dying right now. I can't believe it. It feels so numb. I haven't realized it yet. But it scares me anyway. What will I do without you ? Can I even do anything without you? I don't know and when I'm honest then I don't wanna find out.


I hope so much that everything will be fine. I want my life to be good and not complicated. I don't wanna have arguments. I wanna feel love and loved by the people I love. That's the only way I wanna spend my life.


When I write songs, I try to tell a whole story. But sometimes the wohle story isn't ready to be told. The bridge of a song is the transitional part, the part that musically connects 2 parts of the song. It's sometimes called a climb. After the bridge a song my come back to the chorus but it's bigger it's grander and it feels different because of what happenend in the bridge, you feel things changing and you know the final is near. That's where I am these days. I'm in a different key. I'm still climbibg still figuring it out. I know what the chorus sounds like. I know it's coming. I expect it. I'm just not quite there yet. 

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