Never look back.

This year was one of the worst ever.


I lost alot. I can't even count what I lost. Too much. Way too much. The year is ending in 2 weeks. I never looked so forward to a new year. I can tell you in one sentence what was good in this year. And even those things are gone now. I needed him, more than anything. He is gone.

I did my sport for 10 years. It's gone. I loved our'll be gone. Vaulting was my home. My shelter, my second family. I will never be there again.

What kind of a song will I write for this last year? It has to be the sadest song ever. But you know me. It won't be a sad song. It will be a song about hope and love and forgiveness. About going on, struggling and fighting. Fighting for the good. I found out alot about me and who I am or who I am going to be. Every song I wrote lately has this message in it, the message of hope and that everything will be ok. I know i'm becoming a very strong person.

Anyway. I'm sad and I don't want to lose all this. I want to be happy. Finally.

19.12.10 16:07


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