How deep is your love?

It's new year. I should be so damn happy. But - surprise,surprise - I'm not. I'm an idiot. Probably the biggest idiot and sucker in the whole world. I DIDN'T WANTED YOUR LOVE DAMN! I really didn't wanted it. I was scared of you. And I was angry and annoyed by you. And now I can't imagine anything better than having your arms around me or your lips on mine. I'm dumb. Truely. It's official now : I AM DUMB! You said you love me. You said those three words I LOVE YOU. And I hated you for saying that. I'm such a stupid idiot. I think you deleted all my gustbook entrys. I guess, haven't found them. Why?

Why do you write me and then you don't answer on my response? Why? It's stupid. Like really. I know I hurt you. And I'm truely sorry for that. I wish I could turn back time. I wanna see you again. I wanna hung you, one last time. Will you let me?


Look what I wrote down in my diary for you

"One person's still missing. Well what can I say? You're amazing. My kinda #1 boyfriend. I'll never forget the time we had. It was simply amazingand I appreciate every bit of it. You were so nice to me even at the end. I appreciate that so much.. Of course I'm still sad and kinda angry. But you showed me how to forgive. The most important lesson this year...." (t was that stupid goodbye 2010 thing)


don't let it come to the end like that. please.

3.1.11 19:34


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