Monday morning.

It's actually not Monday, not even a morning. But I just heard "Monday Morning" by Melanie Fiona (btw she's so amazing ) and now I started to hear all the songs which are called "monday morning".

note to self : writing more about really good music!


Spring is slowly coming..I feel it. The sun shines so beautiful through my window that I think I'm gonna go for a walk later. Old times are always coming back


When I woke up a couple of days ago I noticed something. I'm torn. Not in a negative when you get what I wanna say. I'm in between...I just don't really know between what. The thing with him is through and there's not a knew one in sight, yet. It feels unknown not being in a crisis/catastrophy ..or whatever you wanna call it. There's room for new things and I should use this time to work on me

I feel really really good, the sun is the best thing for soooo long


Monday morning = new beginning?

8.2.11 16:14


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