I promise I won't let you down.

" I've always had a strong response to art. When I hear a sad song, I don't feel sorry for the singer. I don't feel sympathy. Instead it's more like I take on the singer's sorrow. It becomes mine, part of who I am. If a sad song touches me right, I can be sad for days. I hear a song full of sadness and hope, it fills me. Or some weird funk song says I know lately you've been melancholy and the word melancholy strikes a chord, hits my heart, speaks to me and I can't help but respond."


For me it's exactly the same with friendships. I do love my friends and I care for them. Whenever they have sorrows and they sare saf and they talk to me about it, their sorrows become mine. Sometimes that's hard and difficult but mostly it's a good character trait and something that I like about myself.

Beeing in between is a bad thing about it. Having two friends that talk to you at the same time with the same problem but different opinions...that's hard!




 I got my ear to the ground
That's the sound of my train comin' 'round.
This is a chance for us to be heard loud.
It's you and me,
And it's our time now.
Don't let me down!




just felt that I needed to tell you about this.

9.6.11 19:31


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